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Join YouTuber Shane Dawson and a few of his close friends for an hour of unfiltered conversation. Each episode features brutally honest stories from Shane and his co-hosts personal lives as well as the occasional celebrity guest! Reoccurring segments such as “New Fears UNLOCKED” and “Conspiracy Corner” will satisfy your horror craving while others like “Embarrass Me” will bring you the laughs! So press play to hang out with your new friends, and then press pause when you need a break from us. It’s okay, we understand. We’re a lot.

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Monday Jul 11, 2022

In this episode Shane and the crew get deep and talk about their struggles with addictions and how they recovered. They also lighten the mood by discussing their most awkward moments with parents and their funniest birthday party memories. Throw in some “Glitches in the Simulation” and an EPIC “Ryland’s Recap” and you got yourself a fun time on the couch! 

Monday Jun 27, 2022

In this episode Shane and the crew are finally in Colorado! Between Jerid’s HUGE zip line accident and Chris’s wild night of Mary J and munchies, the trip has been a roller coaster of emotions! Hear all the hot news in “Ryland’s Recaps” and grab a fork for some “Weird Food Combinations”! Throw in some frisky cowboy antics and a Mandela Effect CONFIRMED and you got yourself a yee-hawing good time on the couch!  

Monday Jun 13, 2022

In this episode Shane and the crew get real about some of the darkest moments in their lives and how they overcame them. They also dive deep into the world of Subliminal Messages and learn about what companies may be planting dirty thoughts into your brains! Throw in some more “Cheap Tricks with Jerid” and a special PRIDE edition of “Facts with Chris” and you got yourself a fun time on the couch!

Sunday May 29, 2022

In this episode Shane and the crew leave NOTHING to the imagination! From their "grower" insecurities to their most embarrassing teen moments, they leave it ALL on the couch! With plenty more Fivver theme songs to reveal and a few new Mandela Effects to discuss, this EXTENDED audio episode is ready to spice up your day. Enjoy the chaos!

Sunday May 15, 2022

In this episode Shane and his crew really bring it ALL to the couch! From Chris's boyfriend "drama" to Jerid exposing a SCAM he was apart of, nothing was held back. Shane also discusses his body insecurities while Ryland dives into his battle with baldness. Throw in some more "Conspiracy Corner" and "Peruvian Facts!" and you have yourselves a special audio only extended edition of our favorite hangout of the week. 

Wednesday May 04, 2022

In this first test episode Shane is joined by his fiance Ryland, his brother Jerid, and his Cinematographer Chris for a roller coaster of a conversation. From deep diving in on Conspiracy Theories to giving out our controversial opinions we definitely kept it 100... well some of us 70. But we're working on it.

Saturday Apr 30, 2022

Here we go! I've missed conversations like this so much and I hope you come along on the journey with me. Make sure to follow and subscribe to the show so that you get notified with the FIRST EP goes up! Hopefully soon!! -Shane


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